Our Story – Lou's Fish House


Lou's Fish House, how did we get here?

The Lou's Fish House Story starts in 1925 when Lou Sjoberg was born in Fredric, Wisconsin.  Throughout his life, Lou was a very busy man and had several professions including being a professional wrestler and a pipe-fitting welder.  There was one thing that Lou truly loved though, that was smoking fish! 

Lou took that love of smoked fish to the North Shore of Lake Superior and started his own Smoked Fish shop in Two Harbors, Minnesota. From there, the smoked fish that Lou had become World Famous and people from all over were coming to Two Harbors for his delicious fish.

Lou's Fish House's goal is to provide a life giving experience by providing fish and other seafood with exceptional quality!


“Business and being an Entrepreneur has been a large focus for the Swanson family for 3 generations, in joining that, it feels like I am setting up the next generation!”

By 2018, Lou's Fish House had laid dormant for 4 years and that is when 16-year old Ashleigh Swanson had the idea to bring Lou's Fish House back! She was inspired by a sudden shift of culture in Two Harbors and saw the success that new businesses had in the area.  After many months of hard work and preparation from Ashleigh and her family, Lou's Fish House was ready for a comeback.  

Ashleigh has been the Owner of Lou's Fish House since it was brought back in 2018 and has been determined to give visitors and locals a one of a kind Lake Superior experience. She believes that the North Shore is a life-giving location and she tries to be life-giving with her smoked fish.