FAQ – Lou's Fish House


Where is your salmon from?

Lou’s salmon is sockeye salmon caught in Bristol Bay Alaska.

What do you have from Lake Superior?

Lou’s lake trout, herring, and white fish are all caught in Lake Superior.

Where is your fish smoked?

All of our fish and shrimp are smoked on site at Lous.

If I order online how long will it take to receive my shipment?

Because we are a small shop in Two Harbors and we want to only send out fresh smoked fish, it make take 2 days for us to get your fish ready for shipment. However, we often times have fish on hand to send out sooner than 2 days.

How is my online order shipped?

Lou’s works with UPS and when your package leaves Lou’s it will get to you in 2 days. We also use a box insulator and 2 ice packs to ensure your smoked fish will arrive in a condition you are able to eat and enjoy upon arrival.

Can I freeze smoked fish?

You can freeze smoke fish but not recommended by Lous. Some flavor could be lost with the freezing process.

Are you on social media?

Lou’s currently has a page on Facebook and Instagram. Please check often as we share online deals very frequently.